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Women’s Leadership Development Program (WLP)

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Central to the three-strand framework for women leadership are strengthened self-image and self-confidence; skills, tools and strategies that allow women to present themselves in a powerful way and to influence others; and an active consideration of the role women leaders can play in empowering their peers.


This programme has been delivered to both staff of NGOs and the Royal Government of Cambodia. It will be tailored to your needs and is only available upon request.

Sample Outline:

Designed to help women managers develop not only core management skills, but also the confidence to assert themselves as managers in organisations and systems dominated by men.

The content will be delivered around 3 one-week-modules:

Module one – individual management skills – aims to build understanding of and confidence about the roles and responsibilities of managers (managing self, managing others and managing for results) and allow participants to reflect on how different leadership styles impact on decision-making processes workplace relations.

Module two – institutional management skills – aims to increase participants’ understanding of how organisations function and provides a range of strategies women can draw on to be more effective and influential within their organisation.

Module three – developing professional relationships – will provide a range of practical skills and tactics for influencing others positively, for developing constructive work relationships and for building consensus and commitment in others. This module will also emphasise the role women leaders can play in empowering and mentoring other women in the workplace.

The three modules will be delivered over 6 months, allowing 6-8 weeks in between modules so that participants try out their learning in order to enhance their performance. Best practice studies and our own research clearly show that learning that is phased in this way is more impactful than can otherwise be expected.


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