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Walking the Talk

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In Cambodia, deeply rooted capacity development interventions with our clients often aim at changing beliefs, attitudes, values, and structure of organisations so that they can better adapt to new challenges and their ever-changing environment. Such deep learning and profound changes require organisational reflection, system improvement and self-analysis.

We hold firmly to the understanding that personal change and social change are inseparable, and that we can only facilitate such deep and profound development processes with others if we first understand how we have developed and are developing.

At VBNK we strive to walk the talk in all that we do.  As a learning organisation we therefore dedicate time and resources on different but interconnected approaches to developing our staff and challenging our own development practice. Learning and reflection opportunities include regular development supervision discussions between line managers

and staff and structured and sequential activities during bi-monthly Learning Weeks that enable us to be more responsive to changing capacity-building demands in the social development sector.

The aim is to promote reflective practice, the development of critical thinking skills, and the creation of an environment where staff can be more honest with themselves about skill levels, attitudes and behaviours. Only by developing ourselves we are able to provide meaningful development support to our clients.

As an example, see VBNK’s Women Empowerment

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