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VBNK is a leading Cambodian organisation with a significant track record of facilitating learning and capacity development across many different areas.


VBNK wants to see positive social change, where all people are able to learn and grow with dignity, respect and confidence and contribute to social development in Cambodia


VBNK works with a wide range of civil society, public and private sector organisations to create, adapt and disseminate innovative capacity development approaches that contribute to positive social change.


VBNK's goal is imporoved effectiveness and quality of development practice and management in the social development sector.


- Creating equitable relationships between people regardless of status,   hierarchy,gender, age or background.
- Promoting individual and organisational learning (both internally and with our clients).
- Drawing on participatory and creative approaches in all aspects of our work.
- Committing to demonstrating program quality and impact.
- Holding ourselves accountable to communities, clients and donors.


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