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Facilitation: Strategic Planning

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Effective planning is a cornerstone in organisational development.

Strategic planning helps provide an organisation with an intentional and focused way to arrive at decisions and actions that will guide the what and why of it’s actions.

The time horizon for strategic planning has changed considerably in the past several years. Whereas before a five-year plan was the norm, organisations are increasingly using a two- to three-year time frame. Given the complexity of managing and leading organisations in a time of rapid change, shorter time frames allow flexibility and adaptability to changing circumstances.

Strategic planning typically involves a review and examination of an organisation’s mission, vision, values, goals, and objectives. As part of this process, the organisation will oftentimes need a situational analysis. This involves both an examination of the organisation’s internal strengths and weaknesses and an analysis of the external environment that looks at trends, opportunities or threats that might affect its viability.

VBNK is able to help organisations assess these impacting factors to better inform their strategic planning.

Contact us today to learn how we can support your organisation’s strategic planning. Also see our Open Access Course on Strategic Planning.

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