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Other learning organisations & learning resources

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Other learning organisations & learning resources:

ACT- A Cambodian NGO, working towards combating violence, addressing the root cuases of conflict and reconciling Cambodia's painful past and working from the principle of Cambodians leading positive chnage in Cambodia.
Barefoot Guide to Working with Organisations and Social Change (free ebook and resources)
Berkana Institute - connecting and supporting pioneering, life-affirming leaders around the world.
CDRI - Cambodia's leading independent development policy research institute.
CDRA - A South African NGO working with development practitioners, organisations and movements who are engaged in social transformation.
IDS - Institute of Development Studies' purpose is "to understand and explain the world, and try to cahnge it - to influence as well as to inform", through research, teaching and communications on international development.
INTRAC Praxis programme links with practitioners around the world to share innovative approaches to organisational capacity building.
Oxfam GB - Resources & publications in a wide range of subjects.
Reflect - an approach to adult learning and social learning.
Society of Learning (SOL), Online Journal
Social Services of Cambodia (SSC) - providing a unique approach to building social work capacity within the social development sector.
Team Building Activities, Icebreakers, Trust Building Exercises, Problem Solving Exercises.
Theory of Change website
UNDP Capacity Development
World Bank Capacity Development Resource Center
World Cafe

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