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What we do: Facilitating Organisational Development

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VBNK has extensive experience in providing Organisation Development (OD) consultancy services to international and Cambodian NGOs both within Cambodia and regionally. Organisational development consulting is aiming at team and organisational performance improvement through participatory organisational assessments, co-identification of priority capacity development areas, tailoring of appropriate interventions to address these needs; and development and implementation of change plans.

The range of OD interventions we are able to provide includes:

> Planned organisational changes
> Development or clarification of organisational values and ethics
> Localisation processes
> Development of structure and governance (Boards)
> Facilitation of planning processes - including strategic planning and the identification of Vision, Mission and Goals
> Facilitation of organisational events and workshops
> Management reviews
> Team building activities


More about our approach to Organisational Development consulting

Our approach to organisational capacity development is based on the understanding that learning is the key to achieving lasting organisational change. Each consultation builds on a continual process of co-assessment and co-creation to design interventions that are flexible in meeting the changing needs of the organisation. This lays a foundation of trust, dialogue and commitment that is essential for the longer-term work of organisational capacity building.

This foundational stage is followed by a range of opportunities to build organisational capacities through on-site workshops, trainings, coaching and follow up activities. The emphasis throughout is on the practical applications of skills that enable staff to become more effective in their jobs and as well as adaptable to their ever-changing work conditions. Through their learning and analysis, participants are able to first evaluate their own practices and their organisation’s structures, policies and procedures and then take decisions to change and improve both individual and organisational practices.

The learning process operates at three levels: first, at an individual level (knowledge and skills essential to improving workplace performance); second, at an organisation level (improving structures, work processes, and more effective use of available resources); and third, at a systems level, where the emphasis is on improving the enabling environment (policy, regulations, administrative procedures, and planning and management of resources). Regular opportunities for reflection (through coaching, plenary sessions to encourage peer learning and reflective practice) contribute to on-going learning and course correction.

Independent evaluations have clearly demonstrated that this holistic approach to capacity development allows for local solutions to sustained capacity development and can result in more resilient organisations.

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