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> Open access courses are designed to enhance knowledge and develop skills that can be readily translated into work-place competence.
> All training courses are delivered in Khmer by VBNK’s experienced Cambodian trainers/facilitators.
> Course materials and resources are in Khmer; participants and their organisations also receive an English language summary of the course content.
> Open access courses are reviewed and revised annually, so as to ensure they remain relevant.
> VBNK’s experience has been developed over more than a decade.
> High quality training and innovative participatory methodologies are used to maximise adult learning.
> Training combines participatory techniques and theoretical input. Each course comprises exercises designed to draw on participants' existing knowledge and experience; sessions that introduce tools and theories; and opportunities for guided practice.
> Participants with at least 80% attendance receive a certificate of course completion.
> VBNK offers both standard (Open Access) and customised courses. Contact us with your customisation request

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