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VBNK’s open access (pre-designed and pre-scheduled) courses are designed to enhance knowledge and develop skills that can be readily applied into the work-place.

VBNK has more than 10 years experience in delivering management training for NGOs and social development sector organisations. This assures your staff of high quality training using a participatory methodology designed to maximise adult learning. All training courses are delivered in Khmer by VBNK's team of experienced Cambodian trainers. Course materials and resources are in Khmer and participants and their organisations will receive an English language summary of the course content.

Our range of courses is specifically designed to respond to critical capacity building needs in the social development sector.

All upcoming courses for 2015
Open Access Quick Facts
Course Category: Leadership Development
Course Category: Developing as a Manager
Course Category: Finance Management
Course Category: Project Management
Course Category: Core Management Skills
Course Category: Facilitation & Learning
Past Courses - available on request


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Discount Policy

Any organisation that registers four full paying participants on an individual course will receive the fifth place on the same course for 50% of the participant rate. If the customer organisation's group includes at least one female, then the fifth place on the same course will free of charge.

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