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Course Outline: Learning to Learn

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Aim: Overcome personal and traditional learning constraints; know how to avoid getting stuck; try out new and creative ways of learning in your work and personal life.
By the end of the course each participant will be:
> Motivated to further deal with personal and traditional learning  constraints
> Developed the confidence to try out new ways of learning (to take risks) and know how to avoid getting stuck.
> Able to apply new learning methods and tools creatively into his/her work and personal life
Date: available as customised course on request
Price: $150 p.p.
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Suitable for development facilitators/practitioners, trainers/facilitators, and others having responsible for helping others to change and/or promoting change process in work place.


Learning to Learn – a workshop for development practitioners and others who want to change the way they work

Are you feeling stuck? Are there times when things go wrong and you don’t understand why?  Do you sometimes feel your effort and hard work go nowhere?  Do you feel burned out? Do you feel that you are repeating the same mistakes over and over again?  If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions then you should join our Learning to Learn workshop.

Learning to Learn is a workshop to unlock your potential!  Learning to Learn will take you through a self-discovery journey where you identify your blocks to learning and discover new ways to let go of what is holding you back. In so doing, it will allow you to move beyond ‘what’s wrong’ and to ask: what’s possible?

Learning to Learn is not for the faint-hearted. The three-day workshop is designed to push you to the edge of your comfort zone. Through a process of action learning, you will explore how your value system and acquired learning habits hold you back from being curious about the world. You will ask: why do I remain silent and not ask questions?  Why do I wait for others to give answers?  What stops me from taking risks?  How can I be more open to change and new ways of thinking?  Why can’t I be more playful?  Am I stuck in a ‘poor me’ mode of learning, blaming others for things that go wrong? Why am I dependent on external expertise and consultants?

Addressing these questions will allow you to unlearn, to let go of old habits and seek out new and productive way of learning.  The workshop will draw on theory and research from different sources to examine our own situation (our lived experience here in Cambodia).  By the end of the workshop you will gain new insights about learning and its place in your work. You will identify blocks to learning and strategies for letting them go.  You will experience risk-taking as a tool for learning and self-discovery. You will reflect on your work habits and development practice and gain new ideas about how you can change or adapt your practice.


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