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Course Outline: Leadership Development Programme (LDP)

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The 7 core capacity areas pictured above are fundamental to enabling you to navigate the challenges of current Cambodian development practice and to become clear about what supports development processes within yourself and others.
Aim: Leaders and managers of the Cambodian social development sector are more responsive to their own development needs and to those of their peers, organisations, and the communities they serve.
Objectives: Work though a process of self-development, values clarification, team- and trust building to:
> increase your confidence in exercising leadership and in applying different leadership
styles to different contexts.
> enhance their inter-personal communication skills and know how to apply these into
relationship development and productive team work.
> Gain practical experience of working holistically with teams and communities.
> Tackle the imbalance between development values and traditional values, the cultural helps
and hindrances to learning, and power, patronage and trauma that impact on development
Programme Format: The Leadership Development Programme (LDP) is an experiential and holistic personal learning programme for mid-level and senior Cambodian managers, comprising 5 one-week modules, spaced 6-8 weeks apart to allow time for shifts in thinking and behaviour to happen.

> Facilitators act as coaches in between modules
> Participants are assigned a mentor from within their own organsiations
> Continous cycle of action learning and reflective practice
> Consolidation of learning into the work place

Price: $1,200 for the whole Programme of 5 one-week-modules, including coaching in between, all materials and daily lunch included. Only 18 participants per year. Selection criteria apply.

Module 1:

Module 2:

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