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Leadership Development

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Fostering local leadership is central to the success of Cambodia’s social development agenda.

Core to VBNK’s Leadership Development Programme is the understanding that personal change and social change are inseparable, and that leaders in the social development sector can only facilitate development processes with others if they first understand how they have developed and are developing.

VBNK’s experiential and holistic learning approach thus guides mid and senior-level Cambodian Managers through a process of self-development, values clarification and team- and trust building to help them become clear about what supports development processes within themselves and others.

Participants gain tools, skills and confidence to challenge the hierarchical leadership models that constrain participatory development and learn how to respond to issues of importance to the communities they serve so as to bring about positive and lasting change.

VBNK offers the following Leadership Development Programmes:

Leadership Development Program (LDP)

Leadership Retreat – Leading from Within

VBNK also offers the following customised Leadership Development Programmes:

Women’s Leadership Development Program (WLP)
CHART – A Field Practitioners Guide
Customised short leadership courses for senior management teams

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