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VBNK has a unique role in monitoring needs and trends in the social development sector in order to locate the most appropriate and effective ways to respond to capacity building needs.

Some of VBNK’s innovations have been:

- The VBNK leadership development programmes addressing core challenges facing development practice in Cambodia (including a Women’s Leadership Program; customised courses for individual NGOs; and our regular open access Leadership Development Program for mid- and senior-level NGO staff.) More...

- The dual behaviour change methodology of training and on-the-job coaching to deepen application of learning in the workplace, a methodology that was piloted in a series of facilitation training workshops for women commune councillors.

NEW: How the dual behaviour change methodology of training and on-the-job coaching allows individuals to increase their confidence to ‘try out’ their learning in the workplace: VBNK's Experience working on the Local Administration and Reform Programme.

- Women’s empowerment strategies – VBNK has developed approaches for the empowerment of women in their places of work, by providing training in workplace skills in ways that also develop the confidence to use these skills.  These are demonstrated, for example, in our work with female garment sector workers and our women empowerment workshops for VBNK’s women staff. More...

- Facilitated community conversations that promote engagement in civil society, cross-generational dialogues and social cohesion. More...

- A holistic approach to organisational capacity development that promotes sustainability and resilience. More...


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