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Course Outline: Critical Thinking Skills

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Aim: To increase skill and confidence of managers and supervisors in their ability to dvelope and accurate picture of any situation and to make decisions based on well reasoned analysis

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

- Explain what a critical thinker does;
- Select and apply tools for analysing specific situations;
- Present well-reasoned conclusions and express them clearly in speech and in writing; and
- Express them clearly in speech and in writing


-Critical thinking and problem solving
- Characteristics of good reasoning
-Systems thinking as a way for recognizing influences and effects
- Critical thinking and problem solving
- Review of experience with familiar tools and practice using at least one new thinking tool

Target Group:

Managers and supervisors whose work responsibilities call for:

- raising vital questions, formulatying them clearly and preceisely
- problem solving
- gathering and assessing relevant information
- thinking ahead and determining potential outcomes based on facts


The overall participatory approach will guide participants to define their needs and assess current practices. The action-oriented activities will encourage participants to think beneath the surface, and question information, points of view and conclusions.

Price: $200 p.p
Cost includes training materials, refreshments and daily lunch. Full payment is required at the time of enrollment.
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