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What we do: Coaching

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Through coaching conversations we are able to assist individuals or teams to link their learning to organisational goals. We do this by working with clients to support them in identifying blocks to achieving their desired goals; in analysing the reality of their situation; and in choosing solutions that they can put into action.
For example, we have been able to support Executive Directors as well as mid-level staff of NGOs to be effective mentors, thereby guiding the performance of their staff and their organisation. We have assisted Finance Managers to update and improve their financial systems and reporting and thereby improve donor credibility.
In addition, we have clearly demonstrated the dual behaviour change methodology of training and on-the-job coaching. In linking on-the-job follow-up and coaching to training programmes or facilitated workshops we have been able to deepen participants’ learning and increase their confidence to take risks and ‘try out’ the learning in the workplace.
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